The full error is: NoRegisteredProviderFound: No registered resource provider found for location 'North Europe' and API version '2.0' for type 'servers'. The supported api-versions are '2014-01-01, 2014-04-01, 2014-04-01-preview'. The supported locations are 'northeurope, eastus, westus, southcentralus, eastus2, centralus, northcentralus, eastasia, southeastasia, japanwest, japaneast, westeurope, brazilsouth, australiaeast, australiasoutheast, centralindia, westindia, southindia, canadacentral, canadaeast'

This only happens when deploying the webapp with a database server, this happens regardless of whether I'm creating a new database server or connecting to one. The error still occurs with a v12 server.

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