I am stuck in this like I have never before.

My situation : I am making a shopping cart. When user click "Add" button, it posts the form and in the server side i.e inside if(IsPost){....}, corresponding item gets added to the the the cart table in my database.

Everything is fine, except it reloads the page and scrolls back to top. With a little research, I got to know that may be Ajax could help. Then I created a new .cshtml page add-to-cart.cshtnl. Now my current page doesn't reload but it opens add-to-cart.cshtml which is not how I wanted. Now I even tried to learn AJAX and try doing things looking at examples. Nothing helps. Please help!

Here is what my code looks like : P.S I am using razor in webmatrix.

<form method="post" id="productForm" action="~/add-to-cart.cshtml">
<input ............"Input Something.............../>
<button type="submit" id="add-button" >ADD</button>

At my add-to-cart.cshtml, I don't have anything on the UI. It just processes data.I don't want that page to ever load. It looks something like this:

............ADD item to the cart table of database..............

Now I am convinced, AJAX is my solution but how???? Please don't give me incomplete answers. I have already wasted 3 days in it :/

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