We are a software developing company and we have a big web app that we offer our clients and then we host in our server.

We have around 100 domains hosted in the server and around 80 of them are our web apps, the rest of them are regular sites (no database).

The current version of our web app uses MySQL and ASP.NET Web Forms.

The current server we have is:

Intel E5520 Dual Quad Core
Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition (64 bit)
10.000 GB Bandwidth
1.000 Mbps Network

We want to move all our clients to a new server and also we are installing them a new version of our web app, which is going to be ASP.NET MVC (instead WebForms) and MS SQL Server (instead MySQL). We don't know what kind of server would be better for our sites.

Our sites are sites have more reads than writes but a lot of database access. It's a big web app with more than 200 different pages, and the database has around 150 tables.

We are expecting to increase the sites that use our web app from 80 to 150 in the next 2 years.

What kind of dedicated server do you recommend us? Also what do we have to look better: processor, RAM, disc...?

What is your recommendation?

Thanks for helping.

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