I'm going to create profile for my users in ASP.Net MVC application. Users creation controller is something like this:

public ActionResult Create(UserProfileViewModel userViewModel)
    if (ModelState.IsValid)

    return View(userViewModel);

Besides, each user model got several properties including one photo. Everything goes well till I want to add an input field to accept photo.

@Html.TextBoxFor(model => model.ImageUrl, new { type = "file" })

And I add below field to UserProfileViewModel:

[Display(Name = "Profile Photo")]
public HttpPostedFileBase ImageUrl { get; set; }

Among snippets to upload a photo and answers to my previous question, it seems uploading photo was considered as a separate task. i.e. I need an individual form and controller to upload a photo (like first part of this answer).

I want to know are there any methods that I can create whole user profile in one form and pass its photo to the same controller (which included photo in UserProfileViewModel)?

I need to note I don't know to use jQuery or AJAX and I want to use standard HTML helpers for this task.

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