Suppose i have table like this

**version_Name           Label                 Value**

     First                issueddate            1/1/2016
      First                Issuedlocation        USA
      Second               ExpiryOn              1/1/2018
      Second               CurrentStatus         Active
      Second               Availablity           Yes

I want something like this in html table format. All below should be rendered dynamically with respect to above table.

issueddate    Issuedlocation
1/1/2016       USA  

ExpiryOn   CurrentStatus Availablity
1/1/2018    Active       Yes

I am looking for dynamic rendering. I am using mvc 4 entity framework. Which is the good way to do this? I have gone trough many soultions in google but anybody suggest me good solution. Please give me link if you have. Thanks in advance.

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