I've got a AJAX Control Toolkit File Upload (Version 15.1.4) that allows me to upload files to my ASP.Net Web Application. This worked great untill this week. Since yesterday the upload generates a JavaScript error as soon as I've selected a file.

Object doesn't support property or method 'setText'

in the ScriptResource.axd:


$common.setText(deleteButton, Sys.Extended.UI.Resources.AjaxFileUpload_Remove); <== here
$addHandlers(deleteButton, {
    'click': Function.createDelegate(this, function() {

I can't remember that I've changed anything on this page (haven't touched in the last week) and another page in the Web Application that has a similar File Upload that works like a charm..

Has anybody got any idea why the ScriptResource throws this exception? Thanks in advance :)

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