I'm using a dataset and web service and in my web service method I call and execute the procedures that I have created in the database so my question is I have the result from the database but I didn't know to use or call the data itself.

how can I do that?

I tried searching but all the results that I reached were about the connection string that I don't want use. this is my first time using dataset and web service so maybe I was searching with wrong key words.

here is my code and the last line is where I stopped and didn't know how to continue.

newCityTable has the result of the procedure.

 OrderDatasetTableAdapters.getCityNameTableAdapter newOrder = new OrderDatasetTableAdapters.getCityNameTableAdapter();

        OrderDataset.getCityNameDataTable newCityTable;
        newCityTable = newOrder.GetCityNameData();

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