I am doing my best to try and get a .net webforms twilio app up and running but I am stuck at one part which I haven't found an answer too throughout all the blog posts and tutorials I have read. I have found numerous stack overflow questions but no real answer yet.

Basically: I have an .aspx page that executes: var call = client.InitiateOutboundCall(options);, which has the url set as an ashx page that has:

 twiml.BeginGather(new {
 action = "http://sydheller.com/default.aspx",
 numDigits = "1"});
 twiml.Say("Please enter your PIN");

and then on that default.aspx in the Page_Load I have:

 if (Request.Form["Digits"] != null)
 string digits = Request.Form["Digits"]; 
 digitsLabel.Text = digits; 

When I click the button to make the call, I get the call and complete it and it hangs up but nothing happens on my page. I assume I need to use AJAX somehow but I am not sure how to write an ajax request to get information from something that the twilio api/ashx page is posting back.

Does that make sense?

This is driving me crazy and I have a feeling that it is something not particularly complicated that I just don't know and cant figure out.

I would really appreciate any help anyone could throw my way!

Thank you so much in advance,


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