I've been a c++ developer for 22 years now. For the past 20 years have been building scientific and financial/trading applications (low latency/performance critical stuff). Zero website building experience.

I'm thinking of building a web site which will take some parameters and do some number crunching (performance critical) and show results in graphs and tables, etc. Now this number crunching part will be done in c++ or c#. Let's call this server/service XXX. I just want to know which framework should I use when building the website. I've got zero experience in website building. But, I'm sure I can pick up Python or c#. How much it costs doesn't come into play.

Please correct me if I'm wrong about any of the webstuff I'm talking about. Most of them have been picked up when googling the past week regarding this.

I'm thinking of either ASP.NET MVC or Python/Django - let's say this framework is YYY. But, Django seems to be tightly connected to a DB. I do have a db, but some requests don't require a db. But the number crunching requests are done in XXX. So, what I'm thinking of doing is, either:

  1. forward the request from YYY to XXX via ZeroMQ (or similar) and get a reply back. Also, I don't want this ZeroMQ connection to be done for every request. I want the connections to be already open - to save on connection times. So, looking at how Django/Python work - it doesn't look like a solution to me. Is this correct?

  2. or, is it better for the number crunching requests to go from web page directly to the service (via http and as json) to XXX (where XXX can be a web service)

Any thoughts on the framework and design choice would be greatly appreciated.

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