• Web Forms project / VB / ASP 4.5.2 / VS2015
  • EntityFramework 6.1.3 / Identity.EntityFramework 2.2.1
  • Other packages in NuGet all show current versions

I have a webapp using the VS template which includes pages that create users etc. I have created users and they can/can not access folders according to the web.config in the various folders.

Now I need to add roles and attach roles to users.

I can create roles using

 Dim createRole As String = RoleTextBox.Text
        Dim RoleManager = New RoleManager(Of IdentityRole)(New RoleStore(Of IdentityRole)(New ApplicationDbContext()))
            If RoleManager.RoleExists(createRole) Then
                Msg.Text = "Role '" & Server.HtmlEncode(createRole) & "' already exists. Please specify a different role name."
            End If

            RoleManager.Create(New IdentityRole(createRole))


Next I need to attach roles to users, for which I have got:

Public Class admin_superadmin
    Inherits System.Web.UI.Page

    Protected Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
        Dim UserManager = New UserManager(Of IdentityUser)(New UserStore(Of IdentityUser)(New IdentityDbContext()))
        UserManager.AddToRole(DropDownList5.SelectedValue, DropDownList6.SelectedValue)
        Label1.Text = DropDownList5.SelectedItem.Text + " Was added to the " + DropDownList6.SelectedValue + " Role."
    End Sub

However when run this fails at the line usermanager.addtorole with the message: System.InvalidOperationException: UserId not found.

The DB tables were created by the app. In table AspNetUserRoles are fields UserID, RoleID.

Much appreciated if someone could help identify the problem.

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