I know there are others with similar issues, but this is implementing minification on an existing site where we already have forms auth and the usual web config security rules to allow paths through. We also have Application Pool Identity for anonymous authentication.

Basically, if you go to an account confirm page on our site, you get an error about a missing JS function. This is because the bundle below that contains our scripts for the site is not allowed through forms auth, even though this entry is added in the web config as below. This is the first major issue.


If you view source and go to view the source code for one of our other bundles, it works for all other script bundles like jquery, modernizr etc..

Now if you simply refresh your browser, it fetches this account confirm page again, but this time, a lot more errors as shown. This time, you cannot view ANY script bundle files. Not even the ones that on first page load were visible

Our web config has the below entries for these paths, yet on initial page load the "bundles/public” one does not work, but all others do. And these are all the same.

Then on top of that, I have no idea what causes it to completely lock us out of all script bundles on page refresh.

<location path="bundles">
        <allow users="?" />
        <allow users="*" />

Appreciate any sort of guidance on what simple thing I must be missing here.

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