I am not able to figure out what could be the reason for getting -1 for my stored procedure.

Here code behind code (C#):

SqlCommand _command = _connection.CreateCommand();
_command.CommandText = "usp_ZX_GetValidToken";
_command.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
_command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@tokenstring", tokenString);
_command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@difference", lifeInSeconds);    
Object _response = _command.ExecuteNonQuery();

Here is my stored procedure code:

CREATE procedure [dbo].[usp_ZX_GetValidToken]
@tokenstring nvarchar(50), @difference int

IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM AppAccessTokens WHERE Consumed = 0 AND GUIDToken = RTRIM(@tokenstring) AND
 DATEDIFF(SECOND, CreateDateTime, GETDATE()) <= @difference)

Oh yes! I also make sure that my table have correct data, and I always execute below code before calling procedure:

update AppAccessTokens
set CreateDateTime = GETDATE()

The _response from the above C# code is always -1, I am really not able to figure out this on my own. I need a fresh eye to this one.

I have tried restarting machine, server, and IIS. (I know its doesn't make sense) But nothing changes, it keeps returning -1 at all times.

Can anyone suggest what should I do?

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