I know that there are a lot of duplicates of this topic and I've found some articles which explain how to implement angularjs routeProvider with .cshtml, but it didn't help me. Here, in stackoverflow, there were some similar problems that I've looked at but it didn't help me either. Could you help me please.

Here is my angular module:

    function ($routeProvider) {
            when('/index', {
                templateUrl: '/home/index',
                controller: 'QuizController' //new
            when('/quiz', {
                templateUrl: '/home/quiz',
                controller: 'QuizController' //new
                redirectTo: '/index'

If i join localhost:port/home/quiz - it works

If i join localhost:port/#/quiz - it is just show me default page (index).

ps. Guys, if you need some more information, just tell me please.

UPDATE 2. Add a bit more code witch comments //new

Also I've found one defect that when i'm adding to my page:

<div ng-view></div>

Page just freeze, and I can't make anything on it.

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