I have a dataTable in strongly typed Razor View Page.Now as per my requirement I need to populate this with my Model of the page but i am not getting how to do it.Here is my dataTable Code..

$(document).ready(function () {
        var dt;
        var dataSet = [];
        dt = $("#Setup").dataTable({
            "data": dataSet,
            "paging": false,
            "responsive": true,
            "stateSave": true,
            "columns": [
                { "title": "<input type='checkbox' id='selectAll'>", "bSortable": false, "width": "5px", },
                { "title": "", "bSortable": false, "width": "5px" },
                { "title": "Code", "width": "50px" },
                { "title": "Name" }



My page is Razor View Page .Please help me to get it done..Thanks..

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