I am working on an asp.net mvc-5 web application deployed under iis-7, and i am using the HangFire tool version 1.4.6 to run a long-running background job. now i defined a Recurring Job to run at 1:05 AM each day , as follow:-

enter image description here

but i have noted that after 30 minutes of continuous execution ,, the current processing job will restart,,, i mean the when the "started" column became 30 minutes ago, it will be a minute ago instead of 31 minutes after one minute, as follow (which means it will restart after 30 minutes of contentious execution):-

enter image description here

so can anyone advice why the recurring job will not continue after 30 minutes of execution , and will restart instead ?

here is how the job looks looks like when it restarted :-

enter image description here Thanks

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