I am using JavaFX as thin client as a view technology. Design is like...

  • On Client Side:=> (View) JavaFX with client side validations
  • On Server Side:=> (Controller and Model) Server side validations Servlets, WebServices, EJBs, JPA.

    There may be a possible need of HTML5 in future. I chose this design so that the application can scale and meet future needs. I have a form with some data which need to be submitted and its values are validated on client side as done in HTML with JavaScript. But after validation how can I submit my form values actually name/value pairs to server side where actual business is done.

    For getting data from server to client web services are good choice. How to send data from client to server on submit a form.

So the question is:-

Is there any <form action='server/AuthenticateServlet'></html> counterpart of html in JavaFX or it should be done using HttpClient like api?

Any other ways to achieve this????

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