I am using a Silverlight 5 in an ASP.NET MVC setup. I have a simple login page that takes a username and password. I am using an HttpRequest to send the data as Json to the server. The server returns a LoginDetails object which contains the Users name and ID along with a RedirectUrl property. This stream is read successfully in the HttpRequest and processed. I then use a webclient to download the page at the RedirectUrl. This system was working before I moved to the HttpRequest (it was previously an UploadString with the WebClient), but now the WebClient does not download anything but also does not return an error. It is definitely hitting the correct URL and I if I switch the login back to a WebClient.UploadString it works again. I have closed both of my streams within the HttpRequest (request and response). Am I missing something else? Do these two things not work well together?

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