I have a list of items as follows on my page. All the names shown below are items in Sitecore.

enter image description here

Now I want to check which items the user has selected and then get their ids(sitecore Item ID) on a button click. With the below mentioned code I can get the name but how I can get the Id (sitecore Item ID) of selected values?

 // a temporary string to store the selected values
        string values = "";

        // A loop to check if each checkbox is selected then get the value
        foreach (ListItem objItem in cblFoodItems.Items)
            if (objItem.Selected)
                values += objItem.Value + ",";

A bit more detail in case you like to know, how I am showing the items in the checkBoxList.

<asp:CheckBoxList runat="server" ID="cblFoodItems"  RepeatColumns="4"/>

Code Behind

 Item foodFldr = Sitecore.Context.Database.GetItem("{42808F4D-5335-4BB6-911B-9B79E50CFE99}");

foreach (var foodItem in foodFldr.Children)
         var newListItem = new ListItem(foodItem.Name);

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