I am learning about creating web application with ASP MVC 5 for some time and i really like the MVC framework for making it easy. I personally consider my self as desktop developer, but i look with envy on rich user interface that web application provide.

I have an idea to create a desktop application using MVC framework. The idea is that my web application would be hosted by local iis epress. The server part would access all machine resources and present as rendered html. And i would like to rely heavily on MVC framework and Razor rendering engine for that matter.

I wander if anybody did it in the past and also think that this is not a bad idea. I know that i could run compiled mvc dll under iis express on my dev machine, but what should i do when i want to deploy my app to other machine that doesn't have either iis or iis express? Is there a way to run iis express without installation?

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