We have a Windows Server 2003 server farm that has multiple app pools that are serviced via a load balancer. Each app pool has it's own site assigned to it. These sites are all ASP.NET sites on IIS6. We have tried using ProcMon along with other tools to try and locate the culprit as to the 100% spike on one of the w3wp.exe processes. We did see some ACCESS DENIED errors, in ProcMon, therefore I granted the service permissions to what it was looking for without resolve. We did notice some DCOM issues around the time that we started seeing issues but don't really believe it to be related.

The issue just started occuring at a random time, on both servers, without any known environmental changes. There are other ASP.NET/SharePoint sites that live on different app pools

As a temporary work-around we modified the landing page so that it only delivers static HTML instead of having to do any .NET rendering.

Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot?

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