In my application by clicking on the button, must add text this button in to LiST. Then I compare this list with the database. Table Category and Question have relations many to many. Here's the code:

 protected void ItemBound2(object sender, RepeaterItemEventArgs args)
            categ = args.Item.DataItem as Category;

 protected void Click_Button(object sender, EventArgs e)
            var catlist = _repository.GetcategoryList();
         category.Add(catlist.FirstOrDefault(x=>x.CategoryId ==categ.CategoryId));


This is Repository:

  public List<Category> GetcategoryList()

            IQueryable<Category> category = (from x in _context.Category
                select x);
            return category.ToList();
   public List<Question> GetQuestion(List<Category> category )
            var query = (from var in _context.Question
                                          where var.Category ==category
                                          select var);

            return query.ToList(); //here error!!!

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