I was wondering if it's possible to create two table instance from one defined entity object class.


public class EntityA()
    public String name {get; set;}
    public String value {get; set;}

public class MyDbConext : DbContext
    public DbSet<EntityA> instance1{ get; set; }
    public DbSet<EntityA> instance2{ get; set; }

What i'm trying to do is create two instances of Entity A with different table names. Is that possible with code first entity framework? I feel like it's seems tedious to have to just create another class that extends entity EntityA to just create another instance of the same entity.

Desired Output:

  • Creation of "Instance1_Table" from EntityA class
  • Creation of "Instance2_Table" from EntityA class

The code in the DBConext will throw an exception.

Any advice appreciated, Thanks, D

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