I will try to be as much concise as I can. Let's say that I have dataset with 5 columns and that one has to be reformatted in output. Within that column in dataset, in raw format I have following types of formats which can be divided into several groups: 1) 1 or 0's 2)Decimal values 10.1 or 2.1 which represent the fixed values that must be used in generating slider output 3)Emails 4)Dates 5) JSON formatted graph colours( e.g {"2":{"order":"3","name":"job","color":"#996633"},"0":....etc.}); 6)Telephone numbers 7) Strings

In printhtml function I have 4 switches for printing string table headers, data and specific button and actions at the end.

The problem is that I do not know other way than to make multiple inner switches manually for these types.

Do you know some other better way for solving this problems?

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