I installed Visual Studio 2015 this week. However I discovered that I have no intellisense in my Razor Views.

In Visual studio 2013 it worked fine.

My all my css files are under ~/Content/css/ (*.min.css), including bootstrap.

Here is the bundle config:

bundles.Add(new StyleBundle("~/Content/smartadmin").IncludeDirectory("~/Content/css", "*.min.css"));

When I try to use some bootstrap css in my razor view, nothing pops up in the autocomplete box. There should be a purple icon next to the bootstrap classes right..? There are no icons and no css classes listed which is available under the bootstrap package.

I did a sanity check and created a new MVC 5 application. This comes shipped with bootstrap. This works, all the intellisense is there.

How do i fix this issue? Surely it must be a problem with my Solution? Does it not like the css files to be under a sub folder under content?

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