I have an ASP.Net web app which has a page with various GridViews shown in Jquery tabs. This works fine in Firefox and Chrome but the page is slow to render in IE. So I thought instead of loading all the gridviews at once, i'll just load them as and when the user clicks on a tab.

So I have set up a new aspx page which accepts parameters of what to show. This all works fine in all browsers and the page is now nice and fast in IE.

However, IE has come to bite me again, because as soon as the page hits a postback it generates this exception:

The state information is invalid for this page and might be corrupted.

From what I can understand this is because the GridView control that is loaded via AJAX has to be inside a <form> tag with runat="server" and this is changing the viewstate of the overall page. So when it postbacks the original page it seems to have lost its viewstate.

I then tried to turn off the viewstate in the aspx being included. Via EnableViewState="false" but this still doesnt work.

I'm confused how Chrome and Firefox are ok, but only IE is getting the ViewState error. Is there anything else I can do to ensure the sub-page does not alter the ViewState in IE?

Perhaps if ASP.Net didnt detect the browser as being IE, it wouldnt do whatever it is doing to break the page?

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