I would like to create two Web Pages.



PageA will be client facing and they will only be able to view the page.

PageB will allow the editing of PageA similar to a blog or the text box of stackoverflow. Essentially, I would like PageB to be where the editing of the PageA is done, preferably through means of a textbox so it would be kept simple for non-technical users.

So I would like PageA to point to PageB in a sense. PageB, when opened in a browser would be editable and would have a Save Button or something similar to it. PageA will show whatever is on PageB but people who point to PageA will not be able to edit it.

To make it more simple. PageB will have a TextBox and a Save button which I suppose will generate pageA. I want to ensure that whatever is typed or inserted in the box, be it links, different fonts and colors, will be shown on pageA exactly the way it's copied in PageB.

How would I go about doing this using .NET and is it possible? I am looking for ideas whether it shoudl be done through.net, javascript, or anything similar?

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