public async Task<ComplaintVM> Put(int id,int? employeeId)
        var obj = _resolver.GetService<Complaint>();
        obj.FranchiseId = 1;
        obj.Id = id;
        await obj.GetDetailAsyc();
        obj.EmployeeId = employeeId;
        await obj.AllocateAndManageCallAsyc();
        return obj.EntityToVM();

This is put method with [System.Web.Http.RoutePrefix("api/app/complaint")]

so when i call my method with a PUT request i get the following error "message: "The requested resource does not support http method 'PUT'.".

but when i make the same call when the method does not have int? employeeId parameter. The call happens fine.

I am passing the employeeId as a json formatted request. I am using fiddler to test the code

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