How to validate the text inside a .csv? I want to check the data and don’t save it, if at least 1 line of the file is incorrect.

Example data:

ISPROG3,09-23-14,BATMAN         #correct
ISPROG2,08-23-14,SUPERMAN       #correct

My code:

         { //this determines the type of extension that is only allowed in the fileupload
          string ext = System.IO.Path.GetExtension(FileUpload1.PostedFile.FileName);
          string[] allowedExtenstions = new string[] { ".txt", ".csv"};
          if (allowedExtenstions.Contains(ext))
         { //if the extension is qualified then we proceed with the upload 
             string uploadfile = Server.MapPath("~/Upload/");//create first a folder where we will store the uploaded file
             uploadfile += FileUpload1.FileName;
             if (File.Exists(uploadfile))
             if (File.Exists(uploadfile))
                 using (StreamReader sr = File.OpenText(uploadfile))// we read the file line by line
                     string inputline = "";
                     while ((inputline = sr.ReadLine()) != null)
                         string temp = inputline;
                         string name = temp.Substring(0, temp.IndexOf(","));//Name is from the first index [0] until the index of the first comma 
                         temp = temp.Substring(temp.IndexOf(",") + 1);// Only retain the date and feedbacks fields 
                         string date = temp.Substring(0, temp.IndexOf(","));//date is the start of the first index[0] until the index of the first comma
                         temp = temp.Substring(temp.IndexOf(",") + 1);//we cut the date and retain feedbacks
                         string feedbacks = temp;
                         upload.ID = int.Parse(txtID.Text);//it's in the textbox read-only
                         upload.Name = name;// comes from my business logic layer
                         upload.Date = date;// comes from my business logic layer
                         upload.Feedbacks = feedbacks;
                         upload.adduploads();//add function to transfer to the database
                         GridView2.DataSource =;//we view the added value 


             Label39.Text = "NOTEPAD AND CSV FILE ONLY";

        catch (Exception ex)
            Label39.Text = "*" + ex.Message;

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