First of all this is not a specific issue related question but trying to know different problems i may face if i choose to do this.

In my project i need to create a testing tool which auto fills a form in a particular url and submits. The tool is to test if the form accepts only correct values and navigates to correct page etc.. The url is an online survey which needs to be tested. So for each question there are some logics implemented like - Skip to Q4 if anser is Yes , Or allow only number between 10-100 as an answer etc..

I am planning to use webbrowser control in .net where i can interact to a page the same way a user does. I would create an input list and based on that the values will be filled in the page and submitted. Along with it i ll log the actions/navigations happened in the page.

After reading many questions in SO as well as in web i am almost sure i can do this using webbrowser control. But i still would like to know opinions about any possible difficulties like

  • Does javascript code works properly on auto fill just like when user inputs.

  • If a javascript alert box is displayed(dont see any chance now.) how to surpass it, as the tool runs without user intervention

  • Any other problems

Any inputs will be greatly appreciated. VS is not approved yet to install in my system so only limited R&D i could do so far.

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