I have a "File upload" control and have two button "Add Image","Remove Image" and one "Listbox" control and finally one submit form button on the page. I have done the multiple image uploading using these.

Flow I have followed: When file has been chosen from fileuploader it will add the file name in the list box every time and adding the main file to a temporary folder under root directory. After clicking on submitting button it will copy all files from temp folder to main folder and it will clear the listbox items.

Now, I need to preview the images on mouse over of each item in List Box control and if anyone clicked on that then the file name will be selected only so that based on the selected item the selected file can be deleted.

Please see the image below for your reference...

enter image description here

There is also a problem with asp.net 3.5 framework, it doesn't allow us to create mouseover event for listbox items.

Please help me do that...I am badly stuck

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