I'm doing a small research on design patterns in various platforms and I have prior experience in programming with Java.

While reading this and this, I had a question in mind: Why Java swing MVC can not be compared with Android development pattern? or Why we can't say that Android follows MVC? (in the context of overall "look and feel").

In one answer, someone clarified MVC as:

  • Model: What to render

  • View: How to render

  • Controller: Events, user input

well, now what I understand is:

Java Swing MVC:

  • In Java swing MVC, component class is an abstract class for all attributes in visual environment. There is a distinct keyword called controls is used for some components such as buttons, lists etc. So, all controls and components are part of Model in MVC.

  • Container inherits component. and there are several LayoutManagers that defines layouts and place of components in container. Also there are Listenershave to be registered with according EventSources. So, they all are the View in MVC.

  • Class that implements Listener methods in which we put our main logic and there are some EventClasses for each event. They all are part of Controller in MVC.

putting all these examples together in an image; in swing MVC we have:

swing mvc

Android architecture (visualizing as MVC):

  • I think widgets are same as controls here. Also, there are some other EventSources.They all act as a Model.

  • View package has viewgroups (that also contains several kinds of layouts.) and Listener interfaces. they all are the part of View in MVC.

  • Same as swing MVC, we can say listener methods and also activities as the part of controller.

Ok. so, as per above comparison, I consider following similarities:

  • Container - same as View

  • Layout managers - same as ViewGroup

  • Listeners - overall same in both architecture

  • controls - overall same as widgets

  • Event delegation (registering appropriate listener with Event source and then implementing Listener's methods) - overall same in both architecture

I may be not right about all the things put above. I need your help in understanding whether they are right or wrong ..... Also can anyone explain which are the things that makes the Android development pattern different that Java swing MVC pattern?

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