I am creating a website in visual studio. I want retrieve and display image (of datatype image from sql server database) in webpage. I have a .cshtml page and got the following code to display some of the fields of the table. I am able to display everything except the image datatype column. I am using razor syntax.

MY code

var db1 = Database.Open("database1");
var selectQueryString = "SELECT * FROM Recipes ORDER BY date";
<div class="left-content">
<h5>Recent Posts</h5>
    @foreach(var row in db1.Query(selectQueryString))

This is my output in the webpage:

Recent Posts
System.Byte[]   testaspform     ufegewu
System.Byte[]   testone     qfeyqo
System.Byte[]   testtwo     oadiufh

As you could see the first column show System.Byte[] instead of the image.

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