I'm very new to ASP.NET WebForms applications. I have an application using a DataGrid which has a DataBinding to a List of objects. When the page loaded completely, I want to add further information to each row in the DataGrid.

The process which determines the additional information for each row must run on the server side and takes about 2s per row (network access etc.). Therefore I would like my DataGrid to refresh after every row has been processed.

This means, that I want an asynchronous mechanism that loads the data while the web page is completely accessible for the user and updates the UI as soon as a row is processed on the server side.

Technically that means that I need to send a HTTP response after processing each row to the client. The client will then read the HTTP response and update the UI.

I already tried using a UpdatePanel with a ScriptManager according to this article.

The problem with this solution is, that the UI updates when the last row has been processed. This is too late. We need an UI update after each row.

I'm used to work with WPF desktop applications. In a WPF desktop application I would just use a background worker. In the ProgressReported-EventHandler I would update the Grid with the new information and invoke an IPropertyChanged notification.

How can I achieve that in ASP.NET (.NET 4.0)? Any help and web resources are highly appreciated.

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