I have generated an array of required field validators using following code:

 Panel[] divMain = new Panel[22];
 DropDownList[] gender = new DropDownList[22];
 TextBox[] txtFirstName = new TextBox[22];
 TextBox[] txtMiddleName = new TextBox[22];
 TextBox[] txtLastName = new TextBox[22];
 TextBox[] txtAge = new TextBox[22];
 RequiredFieldValidator[] req = new RequiredFieldValidator[30];

and i am creating some dynamic controls using following code:

     for (int i = 0; i < noOfad - 1; i++)

            HtmlGenericControl p = new HtmlGenericControl("p");
            HtmlGenericControl strong = new HtmlGenericControl("strong");
            strong.InnerText = "Adult" + Convert.ToString(i + 2);
            Panel div = new Panel();
            HtmlGenericControl p1 = new HtmlGenericControl("p");
            p1.InnerHtml = "<span><strong>Full Name (As per Valid Govt Id Proof valid )</strong></span> <span><strong style='  margin-left: 549px;'>Age(in Years 18 +) </strong></span>";

            HtmlGenericControl p2 = new HtmlGenericControl("p");
            gender[i] = new DropDownList();
            gender[i].Items.Add(new ListItem("Title", "0"));
            gender[i].Items.Add(new ListItem("Mr.", "1"));
            gender[i].Items.Add(new ListItem("Mrs.", "2"));
            gender[i].Items.Add(new ListItem("Ms.", "3"));
            gender[i].CssClass = "txt";

            txtFirstName[i] = new TextBox();
            txtFirstName[i].Attributes.Add("placeholder", "First Name");
            txtFirstName[i].CssClass = "txt input";
            txtFirstName[i].ID = "txtFirstName" + Convert.ToString(i);
            req[i].ControlToValidate = txtFirstName[i].ID;//Object refrence not set to an instance ofo an object
            req[i].ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.Red;
            req[i].ErrorMessage = "*";
            txtFirstName[i].CssClass = "input txt";
            txtMiddleName[i] = new TextBox();
            txtMiddleName[i].Attributes.Add("placeholder", "Middle Name");
            txtMiddleName[i].CssClass = "txt input";
            txtMiddleName[i].CssClass = "input txt";
            txtMiddleName[i].ID = "txtMiddleName" + Convert.ToString(i);
            txtLastName[i] = new TextBox();
            txtLastName[i].Attributes.Add("placeholder", "Last Name");
            txtLastName[i].CssClass = "txt input";
            txtLastName[i].CssClass = "input txt";
            txtLastName[i].ID = "txtLastName" + Convert.ToString(i);
            txtAge[i] = new TextBox();
            txtAge[i].Attributes.Add("placeholder", "Enter Age");
            txtAge[i].CssClass = "txt";





But when i am assigning the control to validate to the validator req[i] then there comes an error Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Can not understand why this problem is occuring. Any help to correct my code! Thanks

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