Problem Statement:

I'm trying to build a listview using the inputs from the controls like textbox and dropdownlist. Simply i want to add/remove data from listview without interacting with db.

Currently i can bind data to listview from db in 3 ways:

  • Using Ienumerable model items with foreach loop
  • Using Grid.MVC3 dll from codeplex using bootstrap
  • JQGrid (which is not free)

But in above all the 3 cases i'm interacting with db for binding data. My problem is that i want to add/remove data from textbox/dropdown to listview without interacting with db

Actually i tried with Listbox but here i can accomplish only one column,actually i'm having 2 columns and want to display headers for the added columns in listview.

How to achive this in MVC Razor which is very simple in Windows/ASP applications??

Any solutions/suggestions for my problem???

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