I have a asp.net MVC 3 web application, where in some page I am showing a bar chart.

Now user is asking a "mailto" kind of link in that page and on clicking of that link, email client should open, where TO, Subject & Body will fill automatically and the bar chart should appear in body.

I know there is limitation of "mailto", we can prepare body with simple text like below, but is there any workaround to put graph within email body?

<A HREF="mailto:help@webcodehelpers.com?Subject=Help&Body=Hello%20%22Name%22%0A%0AWe%20are%20very%20happy%20for%20visiting%20our%20website%20webcodehelpers.com%20portal%2C%20which%20is%20providing%20useful%20information%20%2C%20code%20snippets%20and%20live%20examples.%0A%0AWe%20also%20providing%20Interview%20tip%20to%20all%20the%20freshers%20in%20web%20development%20and%20experienced%20people%20also%0A%0A%0AThanks%2C%0AWebCodeHelpers.com%20Team">Check Mail</A>

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