I am very new to javascript and .net fremework. Please help me with this issue. Here is the small snippet of my code, and I am displaying a table onclick, but I want it to display on page load.

I have tired window.onload, Placed the code in tag, placed it in $(documen).ready() but none of them are working, can someone please let me know what are to be modified in order to display the table on page load instead of onclick?

Here is my code snippet:

<tr id='group11' class="group1" rel="<%# Eval("RowCount") %>">
    <td colspan="6" class="description first">
        <a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="toggleCategory('#group11',<%# Eval("RowCount") %>);" class="control collapse">[-]</a> 
        <a href="javascript:CallDialog('<%# Eval("SummaryMessage") %>');" style= "background-color:yellow">RI [<font size="2"> <i> <%# Eval("LastRI")%> </i> </font>]

Thank you

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