I'm developing an MVC application with razor view engine and I need to export the view result to Excel. The view result contains a list of div and ul tags. My view will be look like this.

@foreach (var alphabet in Model)
    <div class="ioslist-group-container-rule" data-value="@alphabet.Alphabet">      
        <div class="ioslist-group-header-rule alphabet">@alphabet.Alphabet</div>
        <ul style="margin-left: -40px; margin-top: 0px;">

          @foreach (var rule in alphabet.Rules)
                <li class="rule-item" id="@rule.RuleID">@rule.Name</li>


I referred this link Export to Excel

It writes the HTML string in the Excel file instead HTML styled result. How can I do this without using ExcelWorksheet class or something else?

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