I understand this may be an elementary question, but I'm new to Asp.net webforms, so please bear with me.

I have a lengthy form on a page that I would like to autosave when users type in a field, or make a selection. The problem is, all I've been able to find online is autosaves that work on a timer. I'd prefer that it saves as the user makes their edits. Also I would like just the individual form element being edited to be sent to the server to avoid sending the entire page back each time.

I've read that I should use a webservice to accomplish this, but since I want to autosave individual items and not the whole form on a timer, how would I set up a webservice to accomplish this? I'm new to webservices I'd like to know what to read up on. Any links are appreciated.

Also, how is the autosave functionality effected when using asp.net validation controls? I've looked around but can't tell if the entire page needs to be valid to make a trip to the server, or if just a single valid item can be sent itself.

Thanks for any help!

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