I have an asp.net mvc web application deployed inside IIS 7. I did my first deployment by doing the following steps:-

  • Inside Visual Studio, right click on the Project.
  • Publish >> Publish method >> Web Deplyment Package
  • Then using IIS’s web deployment tool , I deploy the web deployment package to my server successfully.

Now I made many changes to my project inside VS. and I need to do a new deployment to my system. Now I create a new web deployment package from VS, which created a folder that have the following 5 components:-


Now inside the web deployment .zip file I found the following folders:-


So my question is; if I simply copy the web deployment files inside the .zip folder, including the following folders; Model + Content + View+ Script+ bin , then I paste them inside my server under the following location C:\inetpub\wwwroot will it do the required steps to deploy my changes ?

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