I've got a multi tenant system with about 300 databases all with the same model.

I use entity framework 5.0 with MySql .Net Connector (currently the latest)! In this system there are 5 Windows Services and 1 Asp.Net WebSite who access these databases. The Problem is somewhere in the services.

Every 5 minutes each service will go through all databases and do stuff for each database. Every now and then I get the following error from entitiy framework:

The underlying provider failed on Open. -- Authentication to host 'xxx' for user 'yyy' using method 'mysql_native_password' failed with messeage: Reading from the stream has failed.

My connection string is dynamically built by MySqlConnectionStringbuilder:

cConnectionString.Server = "";
cConnectionString.Database = sDatabase;
cConnectionString.UserID = sUserName;
cConnectionString.Password = sPassword;
cConnectionString.UseDefaultCommandTimeoutForEF = true;
cConnectionString.IntegratedSecurity = false;
cConnectionString.PersistSecurityInfo = false;

Does anyone have a clue where I could start searching for the error?

I've found the same error here, but everything on my server is running in 64bit mode.

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