When I try to execute a certain action on in my web app, I get the error Could not load file or assembly 'WebAccounts, Version=, ...' or one of its dependencies. My question is how do I figure out what's looking for version WebAccounts

I just deployed a new version of the web app and its supporting assemblies. The app formerly used WebAccounts but now references It also references another assembly, ShoppingCart.dll, which itself references WebAccounts



In response to the error, I ensured both my MobileMVC.dll and ShoppingCart.dll Visual Studio projects had references to WebAccounts.dll, rebuilt and redeployed them. I then verified references to WebAccounts in the web.config also pointed to I still got the error. I then deleted any copies of MobileMVC and ShoppingCart from the temporary asp.net folder, but still get the error. I've looked at the assembly binding logs and they seem to be loading the assemblies from the bin as expected. The error tells me the calling assembly is MobileMVC.dll and even gives me the line of code in the Stack Trace. But I built that assembly referencing I know WebAccounts.dll can't be found; it's not supposed to be. How can I find out why it's being looked for?

Edit: I've also verified there are no binding redirects in the web.config or machine.config.

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