Bellow are my tables

enter image description here

Here I am trying to add Survey & all the questions of it.

right now I am creating survey first , then going to next page to add questions & going to one more page to add options/answers related that questions.

i.e. I have created 3 pages 1. To add survey 2. To add question 3. To add options/answers

Here there will be multiple inserts happening which I want to avoid

Now I want to do all this thing in one page & want to insert all records in single insert, I am using entity framework so I can create add all data in Survey object & then just insert it. But I don't know how I do it in single page using AJAX i.e.

Edit : I used This tutorial For adding records using PartialViews. This works for adding Questions but does not work for adding answers to that questions.

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