I am very new to MVC design paradigm and I am laying out my first MVC Application which has a Grid full of employees and as soon as you click on each employee on the grid it loads more details about the employee in the Tab control below.

Tab control has three tabs and each represent different aspect of employee information.

Now, I have a different model for List which goes to Grid and then saperate mdoels/partial View combination for each tab in the tab control.

I did go for this design for couple of reason

  1. Saperation of concerns : HTML page design is also like class design and if each HTML piece is on diffrent partial view then the code is more manageable and cleaner
  2. Model Binding is much easier: I can map each partial view to one model and that Model/partial view combo can be loaded and re-loaded without having to worry about other parts on the page.

I think this is very clean and I like it. However, I am not too sure how far or how much aligned I am to best MVC design practices. Is it good a bad design OR it is just a matter of preference. Are there any downsides of doing it this way?

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