I migrated a visual studio solution from using a "website" to a "ASP.net project" to be able to use Web.config transformation.

Now, after having migrated, Visual Studio completely ignores syntax erros when I clean/build/rebuild my solution.

Those syntax errors will be shown in my browser as soon as I open the web application - but seeing them during compile time would be helpful. They used to be shown in my error list - where I can now only see some uninteresting warnings.

I can still run my web application, and everything works well.

How can I configure my solution, so that compile errors will appear during compile time?

edit (in response to answers/comments):

  • As soon as I open the .cs file (by double clicking on it) the syntax errors are shown (inside the file and inside the error list view).
  • I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2012 (Version 11.0.61030.00 Update 4) with .NET 4.5.50709 (german language version). I'm locally deploying to Visual Studio's IIS.
  • I'm not using NuGet, all my sources are in one single project
  • I'm actually only providing a REST-Backend using WCF. I only have c# sources. The syntax errors are in my c# classes.
  • The syntax errors are in my .cs files in my App_Code folder.
  • When I migrated my website to a project I manually edited my .csproj file (added missing "Content Include"s etc.). I hope that this did not break my solution...
  • I am not using the default "DEBUG" and "RELEASE" build configurations, but created my own server-specific configurations (named after the names of each server).
  • ( @Guvante ) When I edit the build configurations, I see one line in the "project context table". The first and only line shows:
    1. the name of my project
    2. the configuration name in a dropdown
    3. the plattform "Any CPU"
    4. a checked checkmark "build"
    5. the empty field "deploy"
  • My error list is filtered to "current project" and it won't show the syntax errors, no matter which item I select in my solution explorer.
  • Sometimes (can't tell when exactly) VS shows a warning, when starting debugging, telling my that my module was build with optimizations or without debugging information. Don't know, whether this warning is related to this issue.
  • Console output of successful build (though sources contain syntax error) is:

    1>------ Erstellen gestartet: Projekt: MyProject, Konfiguration: localdev Any CPU ------ 1> MyProject -> C:\path\MyProject\bin\MyProject.dll ========== Erstellen: 1 erfolgreich, 0 fehlerhaft, 0 aktuell, 0 ├╝bersprungen ==========

  • I saved, closed VS, rebooted machine, reopened VS, closed eyes, crossed fingers - @chief-two-pencils ;)

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