I am considering to use Nancy to test self-hosted web applications.

Please excuse my poor understanding - I am completely new to the whole hosting process and I thing I got seriously confused with the diverse aspects.

I really struggle understand the implications and the "how-to" to migrate an existing asp.net project (currently a WebForms application, but I may go for MVC).

Am I correct in saying that 1) I need to make my web application to use Nancy assemblies as explained here

At this stage, am I right to say that when I launch my application, it still uses iis to wire to the http request? Also, after doing that (and only that) and launching my application in VS, I get a 404 - Not found exception - am I missing anything?

2) I need a "self-hosted" console application as described here to get my web server running and listening to the http requests of my application (this would be the equivalent of registering the web application via IIS or other)

3) I got confused by this site (link in comment, cannot post over 2 links), explaining that a web application's pages could be accessed via embedded resources in the dll. How does it fit with the above points?

Could anyone please point me to detailed tutorials / examples for newcomers on how I can migrate my aps.net application (webforms or MVC) to a hosted application using Nancy without iis?

Thanks in advance.

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