I have a project where I need to have two lists of items A,B,C,D & 1,2,3,4 etc and this list will have a CRUD interface to change the list over time (Normally only to add to the list).

Then on a page I have a data entry where the end user will see the two lists with CheckBoxes next to them so that they can select which of that list apply to that entry. SO they can select from the first list A,D and the second 2,4. I need to store this selection with the other entries on the page like Name, Notes, Area etc.

My problem is that with MVC and EF I have a Model and Table in the DB along with the CRUD for the two lists and I even have my data entry page sort of designed but when the save button is clicked I am not sure how best to store and persist this data.

I am not sure I have described this fully but I need a list that holds the possible selections for each list and then when the data has been entered save the selections for the entry back to the DB.

I hope it makes sense and if I had code I would post but I am still at the design phase so what I have is crap hence the big delete key was used and I am starting a fresh so looking for ideas.




I think what I am trying to say is I want two multi-select lists on the page and to store the selections from both of these. But the values in the lists to come from the DB as well.

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