I am working on a new asp.net mvc-5 web application, and i have search for a web grid that can provide these main features:-

  • sort.

  • filter.

  • search.

    after doing a search for around 2 weeks , i did not find any web grid that is 100% designed to work with asp.net mvc 5, as most of the grids will prevent me from benefiting from the asp.net mvc main features such as:-

  • using html helpers such as Html.DisplayNameFor , as in most web grids i need to manually write the table header labels.

  • using data annotation. as most of the grids will work directly with json returned from action methods, so any data annotations are going to be ignored.

Today I found the asp.net MVC web grid http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.web.helpers.webgrid%28v=vs.111%29.aspx

But I have these two questions:-

  • can anyone adivce about using the asp.net MVC web grid ? and what are the main features i can benefit from?

  • is there any documentation about how to use the WebGrid inside the following; asp.net mvc5 + Razor view + using server side (not client side) to implement filtering, sorting and search ?

Can anyone adivce on this please? Thanks.

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