Background: I have an ASP.Net C# application for giving and grading Computer Science exams. Students take an exam while the instructor monitors their progress in his/her own browser. The instructor's page show a table of all students still taking the exam and any possible security issues detected in JavaScript at their browser. Security violations and completing the exam cause a post to the exam page. Currently, the instructor has to click a button to see changes.

Question: In server-side code in the student's exam page, can I cause a refresh at the instructor's browser, perhaps by emulating the button request at the instructor's page.

I'm thinking that I need to simulate the refresh request from the instructor page including session information and do a redirect at the server. However, my searches failed to yield good clues. Anyone ever try this?

Note: this system is available free to others who might want to try it. Grading highlights language syntax and can run HTML and Java programs.

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