I'm a student and I'm trying to take the maximum amount of best practices. I'm making a kind of big project in MVC; JAVA (not J2EE, JAVA ;) ) It's a well-known card-game in France : Uno.

I've an huge architectural question : Where can I put the "business" logic ? In a service ? In a controller ? In a model ?

  • 1 In a service ? In my opinion, it's THE best practice. Is a service a kind of super controller?

In the case of the Uno : What will do the service : a deal ? a turn ? Or something more specific?

  • 2 In a controller ? Why not ? In my opinion, it's the easy practice. :) Why should I not?

  • 3 In a modele ?

Guys what am I not understanding? The whole thing? (It's my professor solution... ! )



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